We serve creative folks who want to do good work + live good lives.

Good is a member-based workshop studio that opened its doors in January 2017. 

We host work sessions, workshops, round tables, social events and more so that we can all feel like better humans (see our WORKSHOPS & EVENTS, CO-WORKING and BY DEMAND pages).



This is us, Jill Margo  (me) + Andrew Templeton (him). We founded Good together, but we're also partner-partners, not just business partners. 

We're both writers. Andrew calls himself a "recovering playwright" because he's moved on to screenwriting and science fiction after years in theatre. He's been twice-nominated for the Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original Script, plus his short screenplay was one of the winners of Crazy 8's in 2011, so, he's legit.

Me, I write mostly creative nonfiction these days, though the last thing I had published was a short story in The Walrus

As writers, we know all too well what it's like to work in isolation. That's part of the reason we started Good: we want to build and support a community of creative people. 

We've also had our share of creative wounds (as I said, Andrew's a recovering playwright and I unburdened myself from an MFA program). Good is our antidote. 

Good is a safe space that's designed to encourage each of us to have an honest relationship with our work and to reduce the barriers that might get in the way of our process. It's also a non-competitive, snobbery-free environment. We thrive on a spirit of generosity, as well as shared intellect and energy. 

Good is also a calm and cheerful place to break bread and enjoy the company and conversation of others. You are cherished here for your life experiences and invited to come exactly as you are, though we hope you might  leave feeling even a little bit better.


Good is located at storefront-level, but tucked away down a tree-lined courtyard on the edge of the Chinatown District in Victoria, BC. 

Picture a private coffee shop (we even make a nice Americano) with a warm rustic-industrial feel.

Everything at Good centres around a big rustic table that we built ourselves (and can be magically turned into four tables for different configurations).

Good was an epic DIY project all round, from designing and painting the space, to building furniture and countertops, to upcycling almost a dozen chairs from thrift stores and hand lettering signs. Plus, we were lucky enough to have help from family and  friends who are better at climbing ladders, driving, and operating some power tools than we are.

Fun fact: Good  is a live/work space. Most people don't usually realize that we live here. It's like we're the shopkeepers above the shop, only our private rooms are above and below the main studio.


All our workshops and events are catered, which means it's very likely that cake will be involved because, well, cake.

We make a conscious effort to combine modest indulgences (the aforementioned cake) with fresh, healthy ingredients that are delicious and nourishing.

We can accommodate most special dietary needs, excluding serious allergies.

Have questions about Good that you can't find answers to here? Please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to hear from you.


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